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How to Make This Year The Year You Finally Break Through

The COVID-19 Pandemic was hard on everyone. For one thing, it changed everybody's perspective on what is important in their lives. It has also changed the dynamic of the business world. For one thing, jobs, where it used to be mandatory to report to the office for work, have opted for virtual office solutions so that their employees would have less time in the commute and more time with their families. Other companies have seen record productivity rates if they provide more autonomy for their employees.

It seems that from the CEO to the rank-and-file, the pandemic has indeed given each individual in the workplace a chance to reflect and reevaluate their place in the ‘adminisphere”. Some have chosen to stay and some have opted out.

Some have found that they may have been confined in a job that has really just capitalized on one core skill while other skills are left untapped. They may have chosen to go at it on their own and discover untapped potentials that could spell their own personal or professional breakthrough.

Perhaps that person is you.

In any case, this is no easy feat. So many startups have failed for the sole reason that the founder may not really have a clear vision of what he really wants. Nothing is worse than realizing that you have no idea what you are doing putting up a company with 20 other people under your employ. It’s no longer just your personal fulfillment at stake. There are others involved. 

Perhaps you have a certain set of skills that would be great to start an exciting new business venture. You have the concept well in place. You have your ‘Why” all figured out, but you just can't get the nerve to begin. Perhaps you have been plagued by the ‘impostor syndrome’ for so long, you think you are ‘unworthy’ of this next new opportunity.

As far as getting your “groove’ back, it is all about finding the right group of people to work with. A group that can not only encourage you and gives you kudos when you are doing things right but can also give you honest feedback when you need it when things go wrong. 

Or you could also be that person for someone else.

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