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Why a Mentor is essential when you start

When you encounter a successful entrepreneur at a party, a conference, or a business meeting, give him five minutes to talk about how he or she became successful. The likelihood is they will open up about how they were guided through the right ins and outs by their mentor. 

It has become very obvious, not only in the business world but in almost every field that the guided  neophyte is more likely to be more successful in their chosen field if they choose a mentor to emulate and provide them with guidance and feedback

Effective mentorship is essential to the success of a new budding entrepreneur for a variety of reasons

You are set to perform with experience beyond your years. One of the big differences between a protegee and a mentor is their emotional and intellectual maturity. There are some things that only experience can bring. Some new kids may come into the scene as ingenues with a built-in knack for negotiation or a solid skill for doing business math, but the timing and execution of these skills are just as important as having them. This is where experience comes into play. The mentor will reel them in when they are coming in too hot and push them if they are hesitant to pull the trigger.

You will not make the same mistakes. A mentor does not become one unless they have dared to step up and make a mistake or two. If one has a growth mindset, it is easy to see those little mishaps and turn them into learning points. A mentor can advise his protegee on the mistakes made, so he does not have to go through it himself. A mentor will usually be passionate about making sure a certain path is not trodden as he has been through it with unfavorable results. 

You will get honest feedback. Probably one of the most important roles of a mentor is that they tell you things as they really are, with no flattery and embellishment. They want their protegee to succeed and honesty is the fastest way to get there. Harsh truths are provided and, if necessary, reprimands are given. But most importantly, the understanding that the feedback is for the betterment of the protegee should be communicated effectively. 

The dynamic is essential for personal motivation. Perhaps the most crucial moment of a young entrepreneur’s road to success is when he or she hits a wall and is uncertain of what step to make to move forward. Then comes the 3 am phone call to the mentor. They talk for hours and exchange pros and cons. Finally, they come to an agreement on what needs to be done. As they hang up the phone the protegee realizes that this was exactly what he needed to move on forward. An ear to listen and a mind to pick for ideas, but most importantly, the encouragement that even at the late hour, he can still get inspiration to move forward. 

Perhaps you have yet to meet your mentor? Join us at Progression Conference, and find a person to emulate and guide you to success.

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