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The Critical Role of A Growth Mindset in Personal Success

Far too often we hear someone say “I can’t do that.” or “I’m not trained for that” when being offered an opportunity for possibly personal or professional growth. We may have uttered it ourselves at one point or another. It is a mindset that keeps us caged into what we already know, and banks on the hope that we can gain success in a field or discipline we are already good at. 

Sadly, most people who subscribe to this belief often linger in the confines of that mindset without ever taking off or venturing into something new. Somehow, they take comfort in the idea that “it was not meant for them”, and move on to miss another opportunity. These are what we call “limiting beliefs”.

Limiting beliefs can be best described as an individual placing a fence around himself where his core skills and abilities are safely tucked in within its confines, while other skills and abilities unfamiliar to this individual are kept outside, left unmaintained and unexplored. This fence serves two purposes. It provides a boundary by which the individual can project what he can, or is willing to do. It also lets him know that certain tasks and ventures are off limits and therefore, grave consequences will result in crossing the fence.

In our personal lives and at work, we perceive this fence as protection. Protection for our reputation, our emotions even. In reality, what it really does is keeps us from exploring other potential opportunities and untapped resources.

The fence does not protect us. It imprisons us.

Allowing for other unfamiliar ideas and the learning of otherwise unfamiliar skills which may seem dissonant with what we have become accustomed to is a difficult concept, for most people at least. We can begin to explore countless quotes that remind us, constantly, that anything worthwhile takes effort. But the concept is simple and direct.

The theory is simple in and by itself, but we all know that the really challenging part is the execution. How do we really get ourselves to jump over the fence? The answer again is simple, it's all in the mind.

The answer is the Growth Mindset. The idea is that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. Developing an automatic thirst for knowledge that allows you to learn more skills and embrace more concepts and, eventually, broaden your opportunities because of it. The Growth Mindset is not afraid to take on the unfamiliar and unexplored but rather embraces it.

The Growth Mindset is not immune to failure. As a matter of fact, it perceives it as a point of learning that will pivot all efforts toward the right direction. The Growth Mindset is an uncomfortable place to be in, but in the end, it takes the best seat in the house.

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